Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Your Virtual Credit

  • GT Dollar

Virtual electronic money, it can be used to pay for services and products purchased at member stores of GT Credit Alliance.

What is GTDollar

GTDollar offers a solution to your busy lifestyle and high cost of living with an integrated system of e-commence, virtual wallet and the go-to marketplace of great offers to consumers. It helps SMEs to grow their business and acquire new consumers, and it helps consumers to explore and benefit from unprecedented deals, discounts and promotions globally.



Benefits for Merchants

SMEs benefit from GTDollar as it offers accurate, real-time and interactive solutions, including:

  • Precise target audience and increase exposure
  • Real-time promotion announcement
  • Online interactive experience with your target audience
  • Convenient sales and service experience
  • Accurate marketing and revenue statistics
  • Reliable platform
  • Customer loyalty

Benefits for Consumers

There are numerous benefits for GTDollar consumers, including:

  • Access to global pool of products/services (travel, food, lifestyle …) from any device anytime;
  • Big discounts, special promotions;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Geo-location and keyword search and discovery of products/services in each country;
  • Send/receive virtual credits anytime, anywhere



How to Join

GTDollar is easy and intuitive to use. Download the mobile application (iOS, Android) via Applestore or Google playstore and follow the instructions to complete your registration. After registration, you can use GTDollar to purchase things you love with regular and big discounts and virtual credits!


Our mission is to help you advance into a smart world by providing a cashless and convenience platform that brings exciting business opportunities for SMEs and higher quality lifestyle for consumer.