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Q: What is GT Dollar?

A: The GT Dollar is a credit offer that can be used in cash at the GT Credit Union (all GTDollar contract merchants).

Q: How much cash is the currency in the GT Credit Union?

A: The GT Dollar is used by the publisher (merchant) to give you the available credit offer. If the business in its products or services marked in the use of GT credit 20%, then if you spend 100 yuan, just pay 80 yuan in cash, the other 20 yuan available GT credit discount.

Q: How do I apply for GT Dollar?

A: GTDollar is a service provider that does not currently offer a distribution service to individuals. You can contact the distributor who gives you credit offers.

Q: Can the GT Dollar be transferred?

A: You can transfer to anyone, you can use as cash (such as utilities, travel, shopping, etc.).

Q: Where can I consume?

A: You can spend on the GT credit union list.

Q: What are the benefits of the GT Dollar?

A: GT Dollar is a credit offer that is protected by law. You can cash in cash when you spend.

Q: If you do not receive a confirmation letter, is it that I have not registered successfully?

A: It is likely that your mailbox will notify the letter of the letter, it is recommended that you return to GTDollar try to log in, if the login is successful, then your registration operation is no problem.

Q: Can my registered phone number be modified?

A: Sorry, your email or your phone number is the only token that logs in to the GT Dollar and is currently not supported for mailbox changes.

Q: My password to confirm the input is correct, why can not log?

A: GTDollar use the mailbox phone number to log in, please confirm that you fill out the registration is used when the mailbox phone number. If you still can not login, please contact us.

Q: Can my account be canceled?

A: Sorry, once registered your account will not be canceled.

Q: Why is my real name after logging in to my account?

A: This page is the same as the email welcome page. If you fill in your name, the page will show up, but other users will not see this.

Q: How do I update my account information? In the case of

A: Please log in to "GT Dollar"> "Personal Information"> "Account Information", select "Edit" in the corresponding module, click "Save" after modification.

Q: I fill in the personal information will be seen by other users?

A: No. All personal information submitted will be kept in good condition and view our privacy policy.

Q: Can the content I submit can be deleted altogether?

A: We generally do not recommend doing so. If you need to delete all the content under the current account, please contact us with specific requirements, account information and specific reasons.

Q: I forgot my login password, how to get back?

A: Please enter the phone number on the login page. After logging in to the mailbox, click Forgot Password and the system will reset the password to your registered phone.

Q: How do I want to change my account password?

A: Please log in to "I" - "Settings" - "re-set the password", you will receive the system sent to your phone reset password confirmation.

Q: What is a business?

A: GT Dollar provides a platform for merchants to share their products and services including article content and pictures.

Q: Do I need to register to become a business?

A: Yes, you need to have an account to become a merchant for the GT Dollar. If you are already a member of GT Dollar, just click "I want to shop" and fill in the information you need to confirm. If you do not have a GT Dollar account, it only takes one minute to register.

Q: How do I submit an alert?

A: You need to register on our website, if you are already a member of GTDollar, just log in to submit your article. If you do not have a GTDollar account, it can take up to a minute to complete the registration.

Q: How do I upload photos?

A: You will see the "picture" logo, click to upload local images, currently supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF format image files.

Q: I found a violation in GTDollar, how do? In the case of

A: If you see any ads in GTDollar, bad information and other content appears, you can click on the merchant's personal page "Report bad content", the violation of the post to inform our administrator.

Q: How long will the goods and services be submitted to the page? In the case of

A: We guarantee that the goods and services you submit will be updated as soon as you submit.

Q: Can I add or modify price information for our products and services at the Business Management Center?

A: Yes.

Q: My business has just changed the brand, you can help us update the relevant information? In the case of

A: Of course you can. Please contact us at the bottom of the page to explain your previous brand name, current brand name, change time, proof documents and new website address, we will help you as soon as possible. In the case of

Q: I just took over this business, before the boss is doing badly, I want to change the status quo, I can ask to delete the previous photo?

A: Of course you can. If the ownership of your business changes, please contact us at the bottom of the page, tell us the specific date and nature of the change of ownership, and the relevant supporting documents (such as the transfer of the contract, purchase receipt, ownership transfer contract, etc.), we will Remove all photos and messages that do not match your business status.

Thank you for reading our help documentation carefully. If this information still does not help you solve the problem, please give us the best feedback (product@gtdollar.com)

Sign up/Login

Q: How do I register for an account?

A: Registration on GTDollar is a free and easy process:

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play, key in your email address and you are registered on the platform.
  • Activate the application by filling in your details in the ‘Profile’ sub tab and start using your virtual wallet to receive GTCredits (GTC), communicate, and shop at your favorite brands and merchants worldwide.

Q: Where can I download the mobile app?

A: The GTDollar app is available on both Apple App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android).

Q: Can I use the application without activating my virtual wallet?

A: No. Virtual wallet is an integral part of GTDollar. Therefore, it will not be possible to use the app without first activating your virtual wallet.

Q: Can I use the application without providing my credit card details?

A: Yes. It is possible to use the GTDollar app without providing your credit card details. Registered users will be able to receive and accumulate GT Dollar (GTD) from merchants in payment-free virtual transactions.

Q: How can I change my profile details?

A: Select the ‘Me’ option, and go to ‘Profile’ sub-option to change your profile details.

Q: Can I install GTDollar on multiple devices?

A: Yes. GTDollar can be downloaded onto multiple phones. However, users can only be logged into a single device at any given time.

Q: How can I change my password?

A: Select the ‘Me’ option, and go to ‘Settings’ to change your password.

Q: What can I do if I forget my password?

A: Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  • Provide the email/mobile number used during sign-up.
  • A validation email with instructions will be sent.
  • Follow the instructions within to reset your password.(Details valid for 24 hours)


Q: What is GT Dollar(GTD), and how do I use it?

A: GT Dollar (GTD) are virtual credits issued to customers in place of currency. Customers can spend GTD on products and services offered by merchants on GTDollar.

Q: How do I check my GTD balance on GTDollar?

A: Select the ‘Me’ option, and go to ‘My Wallet’ to check your balance.

Q: Can I convert my GTD to actual currency?

A: No. GTD are non-convertible to actual currency.

Q: Can I send my GTD to someone else?

A: Yes, GTD can be transferred to another registered user on the GTDollar app at no cost.

Q: Is there an expiry date for my GTD?

A: No. There is no expiry date for using your GTD. GTD can be accumulated as users visit, interact, and communicate with merchants on GTDollar.

Q: How do I top up my e-wallet?

A: You can top up your GTD via the ‘e-wallet’ option, and proceed onto the ‘Payment Top Up’ option.

Q: I want to purchase a product or service but I do not have enough GTD.

A: Users have the option of paying for products and services using a combination of GTD and either cash or credit card.


Q: Please help! The GTDollar app is malfunctioning on my smartphone.

A: Follow the steps below:

  • Close and restart the GTDollar app.
  • Uninstall the app, perform a system restart on your smartphone, and proceed to reinstall the app.
  • For further assistance, send your enquiries with attached information (smartphone brand, model, OS) and relevant screenshots of the issue to customer.service@gtdollar.com.

Q: Help! I am unable to view nearby merchants.

A: Follow the steps below:

  • Check if your device’s GPS has been turned on.
  • Turn your device’s GPS status to ON and OFF again, before checking on the status of the ‘Nearby’ option.
  • For further assistance, send your enquiries with attached information (smartphone brand, model, OS) and relevant screenshots of the issue to customer.service@gtdollar.com.

Q: How can I be added to a merchant’s circle?

A: Users will be automatically added to a merchant’s circle if they choose to follow them.

Q: How can I receive latest news and promotions from a merchant I follow?

A: You can choose to receive news and promotion alerts from merchants within your circle. These include:

  • Discounts
  • Vouchers
  • GTD

Q: How can I enable/disable alerts?

A: Select the ‘Settings’ option, and proceed onto the ‘Notifications’ option to enable/disable alerts.

Payment & Security

Q: How do I make payment?

A: Follow the steps below:

  • Login to the GTDollar app.
  • Browse and select your products/services.
  • Review and click on the ‘Pay’ option to proceed to payment.

Q: Is it safe to store my credit card information on GTDollar?

A: Yes. GTDollar regards all user information as strictly confidential. It utilizes bank-grade encryption standards for all payment features.

Q: Will there be any transaction fees involved?

A: There is absolutely no fee involved for any GTDollar transaction. However, users are advised that transaction fees will apply for credit card payment.

Q: How secure is my personal information?

A: GTDollar is developed using the latest security and encryption protocols to ensure optimal payment safety, and the safety of users’ personal information. Personal information is always kept private and confidential, and never released regardless of circumstances.

Q: Can I choose to be anonymous to merchants?

A: Users are identified on GTDollar via their username. Therefore, it will not be possible to remain anonymous to merchants.

Q: My phone got lost/stolen. How do I block/prevent unauthorized access my GTDollar account?

A: Follow the steps below:

  • Sign into your GTDollar via another device
  • Select ‘Settings’ option, and proceed onto ‘Mobile’ to disable mobile access.
  • Users will also have the option of providing an alternate mobile number under the ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mobile’ options, which will in turn facilitate access from an alternate mobile device.


Q: What is the conversion rate of GTD to actual currency?

A: GTD is currently equivalent to 1 $SGD. These conversion rates are subjected to future changes by GTDollar. Users will be provided with ample pre-notification in the event of proposed changes.

Q: Where can I get further information on GTDollar?

A: For further information, follow us on our social media platforms. For miscellaneous queries and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service@gtdollar.com.