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best apps for saving money

Find out the ways How to Save Money

GT Dollar the best apps for saving money & Live smart!We all have that one friend who’s been spending way too much time on Thought Catalog, elephant journal, and Upworthy, and takes it upon themselves to drop wisecrack quips about love, time, and save money on you all day every day ie. Time is money, the soulmate you deserve, travel alone and find yourself etc…

Sounds familiar? Yep.

To all who are afflicted, we know that pain, and we want to help you stick it to them. Here’s the deal – GT Dollar is not about that life. We are pragmatists, and we are out to help you live smarter, and save money, once and for all. So read on!

GT Dollar – Your one-stop total convenience portal

GT Dollar Give You The Right Way

Step 1 – Download GT Dollar

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If Frodo from the Lord of the Rings universe rode the eagles to Mount Doom like a boss and nonchalantly dropped the One Ring in its fiery flames, we would not have had six books and 3 movies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and let’s not even get started on The Hobbit. So yes, let’s talk processes here. Like all things digital these days, GT Dollar and all its benefits revolve around a single mobile app, which functions as the gateway to the entire GT ecosystem. Now available free on the App Store and Google Play (psst, we send you 100 Virtual Credits (GTD) on the spot too), why not give GT Dollar a shot, and see what it can do for you?

Step 2 – Sign-Up

Let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for these generic done-to-death sign-up pages that’s everywhere, and it gets us too, trust us. On our side, we tried to make ours as seamlessly uncomplicated as possible. No way, we heard you say but alright, we did try.

For starters, our Sign-Up page takes less than 1 minute to complete, requires only the most conventional of details, and alright, to make up for placing you through that “arduous” process, we’ll also send $100 Virtual Credits (GTD) your way to get you started on GT Dollar. Spend those Virtual Credits (GTD) at any merchant you fancy, no obligations!

Step 3 – Search & Purchase

We are all busy little drones at the wiles and mercies of incessant deadlines. In this Digital Age where information is king, we expect accurate and relevant information at our fingertips, and we want it faster than you can say it.

GT Dollar keeps it simple. Simply whip out your phone, power up the app, and search for everything under the sun with the powerful GPS location-based search. Whether it’s cheap last-minute tickets for that 3D2N getaway in Bali with the lads, or checking out the newest and quirkiest hip joints around the corner, GT Dollar has you well and truly covered.

Step 4 – Send & Receive Virtual Credit (GTD)

Talk about sharing the love! So you just got wind of a kickass deal, and can’t wait to share it with the world. But why stop at telling them when you can send them stuff in real-time? Picture this: you are the owner of a family-run florist, and are looking to build up your consumer base. A myriad of advertising options stand before you, daunting and excessively complicated. How then are you supposed to make the best choice to maximize consumer awareness and outreach? Here’s the GT Dollar way: with zero membership, registration, transaction, and advertising fees, we help you get the word out there, and best of all, it’s completely free to list and post!

But what about a recurring and consistent consumer base, you say? That’s where the Circles function on GT Dollar kicks in. As a merchant, you get to distribute Virtual Credits (GTD) to loyal customers when they follow your Circle and keep in touch.

What about Consumers then? Well, when you follow a GT Dollar merchant and receive Virtual Credits (GTD), you now have the option to send and receive the Virtual Credits (GTD) to anybody, anytime, and anywhere. That’s right, zero obligations about spending your received Virtual Credits (GTD) at the merchant you received it from, so go all out!

Step 5 – Save Money, Save Time

Alright, let’s rewind. Back to the top we go. You know how we were dishing dirt on the whole Thought Catalog, elephant journal, and Upworthy party at the beginning? Yes? No? No matter, because we are going to eat our words right now with a throwback reference.

The best apps for saving money.

Think about it. GT Dollar wants to help you save money and live smarter, and in the process of combining everything you need under one app of total convenience, wouldn’t you end up saving a heap of time that can be better spent doing more important stuff? The days of scouring the entire neighbourhood for that one elusive shop with that to-die-for durian puff is well and truly over. Why sweat buckets under the stiflingly-hot Singapore sun when you can chill out on the comfort of your couch and tap a few buttons to make things happen?

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GT Dollar App is now available on both Google Play and App Store!

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