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Earn Passive Income this School Holidays!

It’s the School Holidays, do you wish you had enough savings to shop, dine and travel this June? Well it’s never too late to earn some passive income with the GT Dollar App, the best e-wallet app that lets you earn cash and enjoy great dining, retail, travel and leisure deals from over 80,000 merchants worldwide.

GT Dollar’s enhanced functionality makes it more engaging than just an e-commerce business social application and lets you earn money on the go. The catch bee, seek honey functionality encourages social interactions so hurry and gather your friends to go catch bee, seek honey.


Browse from over 22 different shopping categories and get access to products, services and enjoy great savings. Earn cash via the “Seek Honey” game, locate the honey distributed from businesses nearby.

CATCH BEE, EARN GT Dollar- GT Dollar Best e-Wallet App

Earn GT Dollar when you catch a flying bee within circle.


Earn GT Dollar as you browse interesting business news, exploring the world’s best restaurant to the most fun places. All you need to do is to share the news to earn.

Be enthusiastically involved in catching bees, a newly introduced and engaging function featuring bee catching. A revolutionary way of earning cash through simple steps of bee catching and offsetting one’s expenses via an extensive marketplace featuring over 80,000 merchants worldwide.

Download the digital mobile wallet app and get $100GTD (Virtual Credits) deposited immediately into your account, which you can use to offset all your expenses via GT Dollar the best digital mobile wallet application.

Start earning passive income by simply downloading the GT Dollar App and enjoy the rest of your school holidays to the fullest!

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GT Dollar App is now available on both Google Play and App Store!