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Top 3 e-commerce applications for 2017

Top 3 e-commerce applications for 2017 Picking an e-commerce applications is a tedious task. You must weigh both the advantages and disadvantages. People these days...

Download Now and Get 100 Worth of Virtual Money

What is About GT Dollar? GT Dollar was founded in 2014 as a digital technology and lifestyle company under the GT Group, which specialises in...
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GT Dollar a online marketplace app, an app for Tertiary Students

GT Dollar an online marketplace app Modern times call for the constant use of innovative gadgets, it is inevitable that students are constantly engaged on...
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Happy Bee Catching Campaign @ Bugis

Happy Bee Catching Campaign @ Bugis The Catch Bee, Seek Honey campaign which happened in Bugis was a great success. Many were gathered to bee...
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Refer, Scan & Earn Cash! $1000 Up for grabs!

GT Dollar Referral Program GT Dollar e-commerce business social application launched a referral program called the GT Dollar Referral Program for both Android and Apple...
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GT Dollar and the future of augmented reality mobile app

The Trend of  Augmented Reality Mobile App Last year was one of the most pivotal years in the history of Augmented Reality Mobile App. Major...
Earn Money On the Go

The Bee Buzz in Thailand, Earn Money On the Go

Bee Buzz in Thailand’s night market and universities! “Catch Bee, Seek Honey” earn money on the go hype flew to famous night market and universities...
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3 Apps That Will Make You Save Money Live Smart

Mobile app change the way you live and work Before you enjoy that cup of coffee every morning, chances are you have already turned to...
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Increase brand presence via GT Dollar App

GT Dollar App Earn Money On the Go! Every merchant boss concerning about how to increase brand presence. Let me share the story about the...
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GT Dollar, The Rise of Mobile Commerce!

Growing Up of the Mobile Commerce App The rise of Mobile Commerce app in the last decade has catalyzed transactions and made payment gateways more...
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GT Dollar is an earn money app, a game changer in e-commerce

Pokémon Go, a representative of enhanced virtual reality, took the e-commerce scene by storm where it was one of the highest earning app in 2016!
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Download GT Dollar App, Get $100 Virtual Credits

If you eat, breathe and live fashion, it’s about time you were introduced to GT Dollar, an e-wallet for SMART fashionistas. If you’re constantly trying to stay up-to-date with fashion deals or news.

Everyone can be an entrepreneur with GT Dollar

GT Dollar an e-wallet as well as a lifestyle portal that features great dining, retail, travel and leisure deals from over 80,000 merchants worldwide.

GT Dollar a new business social platform, connect with users & merchants.

The Revolutionary GT Dollar GT Dollar App has embarked on an all improved interface and software revamp. A new business social platform that lets you earn...

PREVIEW: Unveiling to you the revolutionary new interface of GT Dollar

New Interface of GT Dollar GT Dollar is launching a revolutionary, new and improved user interface that encapsulates all your needs in one. Introducing you the...
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GT Dollar Mobile commerce Platform help your business scale up

How GT Dollar is helping your business shape up 1.Scenario A - You are the 2nd generation owner of a local family-run business, and your...