Happy Bee Catching Campaign @ Bugis

catch bee, seek honey

Happy Bee Catching Campaign @ Bugis

The Catch Bee, Seek Honey campaign which happened in Bugis was a great success. Many were gathered to bee catching with their group of friends. It sure was a sight not to be missed!

bee catching 1

There were people streaming in to find out more about how they can earn cash on the go, which was simply just too good to be true with the GT Dollar e-commerce business social application App.

bee catching 2

People were curious and approached GT Staff who were excited to share about the e-commerce application. Overall, it was a successful campaign with happy merchants and happy users.

bee catching 3

bee catching 4

Download the GT Dollar App, a business social application application that lets you earn cash and enjoy great dining, retail, travel and leisure deals from over 80,000 merchants worldwide. GT Dollar’s enhanced functionality makes it more engaging than just a lifestyle app.

The bee catching functionality encourages social interactions so hurry and gather your friends to go bee catching!

More Details About GT Dollar.

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