Goodbye Wallet, Hello GT Dollar Digital Mobile Wallet!

Digital Mobile Wallet

Introducing GT Dollar Digital Mobile Wallet

First of all, with an increasing trend in people becoming mobile centered. It’s proven that there’s a higher probability of people forgetting their wallet as compared to their mobile phones. In conclusion that why we need a Digital Mobile Wallet.

Furthermore, introducing GT Dollar Digital Mobile Wallet Function, a comprehensive payment solution that lets you earn money on the go! Its key attribute is to heighten user experience. As people are shifting towards a cashless platform, where all their needs are streamlined into one. The benefits of going cashless are endless.

Benefits of GT Dollar:

  1. Convenient – Make payment anywhere, with a tap of your finger.
  2. Catch Bee, Seek HoneyEarn money on the go with every bee caught.
  3. Accessible – Accessible any time of the day.
  4. Tracking Expenditure –Allows you to track your expenditure.
  5. Enjoy Perks – Enjoy discounts as you frequent merchants.
  6. Digital Mobile Wallet – Make purchases happen without cash anytime, anywhere!

More Details About GT Dollar.

GT Dollar App is now available on both Google Play and App Store!