GT Dollar is an earn money app, a game changer in e-commerce

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GT Dollar changing the landscape of e-commerce

Pokémon Go, a representative of enhanced virtual reality, took the e-commerce scene by storm where it was one of the highest earning app in 2016! It proved to be a game-changer in the mobile gaming space, and the title’s success highlights the potential impact of augmented reality on mobile app developers. However, this year we have a new game changer and a force to reckon with, GT Dollar an earn money app that will be changing the landscape of e-commerce.

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Introduction of GT Dollar earn money app

Introducing GT Dollar application, with an all new and improvised 2.7 version was designed by a talented team of dedicated professional to create a multi-sensory user experience.

Incorporating bee-commerce business infrastructure, this platform adopts augmented reality with its “Locate Honey” function that allows consumers to be constantly engaged with this platform by searching for Honey (Which is cash) at different merchant stores based on location search or by filtering out merchants that are giving away Honey.

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Earn money on the go

This allows consumers to earn money on the go that can be used to offset their expenses at the merchant’s store that gives away honey for consumers to spend. This encourages a greater spend at merchant’s business, garnering traffic to merchant’s storefront.

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Increase brand presence

The more honey a merchant gives out through this app, it helps to increases brand presence among-st fellow merchants. Instead of choosing to run a static promo on social media they can use this app to create a hype and engage consumers in a livelier and interactive manner.

More Details About GT Dollar.

GT Dollar App is now available on both Google Play and App Store!