GT Wonder Boy at CES 2019 in Las Vegas


Singapore’s first smart social bot companion GT Wonder Boy represents Singapore’s advancement in robotics at CES, Las Vegas from 8th -11th January.

Singapore-based innovative technological firm that specializes in creative robotic solutions. GT Robot, a company under GT Group of Companies showcased its pride, GT Wonder Boy in a display of cutting-edge innovation, a social bot with human-like functions paired with emotional intelligence.

An innovative compact, SMART companion for all at CES 2019, in Las Vegas. With cloud computing permeating every facet of one’s life, there are upcoming developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Given the increasing sophistication of programming, presages a new age of cloud computing. AI can now improve cloud technology just as cloud technology has improved AI development. One of the biggest transformations in AI development has been to create AI which can learn. A well-known example of this new machine learning is GT Wonder Boy which grows and evolves with user. It has seamless voice-responsive AI system and emotional intelligence that can respond to human commands. Adopting an extremely powerful system such as AI which has been used to make decisions and learn things like how to hold a conversation sets the GT Wonder Boy apart from the rest. The AI is needed for learning and adapting whereas the cloud technology is needed for the AI to access data that is stored on a server. With constant improvements, our programmers aid in the AI process.

This sort of collaboration and technological development is essential to make a SMART companion. Incorporating advanced AI, GT Wonder Boy is an intelligent multilingual companion that can speak 13 different languages, bridging the gap across geographical boundaries. It is also a compact travel companion where you can bring along during your travels. It possesses the ability to engage in seamless two-way conversations with its user.Designed to suit the hectic pace and trendy lifestyle of people today, GT Wonder Boy is a companion that grows with you through the various stages of life. It is also an educational bot that has high EQ and IQ, you can ask it just about anything and it will have interesting answers that’s bound to keep you on your toes. Not only a smart personal assistant that takes charge of your daily schedule but it is also a hands-free photographer and entertainer that can sing and dance upon voice recognition.

GT Wonder Boy is an amalgamation of wisdom and passion, GT Robot Technology Pte. Ltd. is expanding to alleviate and improve the overall efficacy of one’s lifestyle through the augmentation of productivity, safety, security, and entertainment.