Increase brand presence via GT Dollar App

increase brand presence

GT Dollar App Earn Money On the Go!

Every merchant boss concerning about how to increase brand presence. Let me share the story about the Earn Money on the go via the GT Dollar App.

Augmented Reality game functions used as like  the Poketmon Go

There are 2 best friends, Zack and Gary decided to go out, unlike their regular catch-up this time. Gary suggested going for bee catching earn money on the go via GT Dollar e-commerce application, an augmented reality game where you can earn real cash on the go as well as enjoy deals across dining, retail, travel, and leisure!

Zack was more than happy when he heard the words “earn cash on the go” and decided to tag along to check out the buzz.

And very soon, the two friends were separated as they were both equally engrossed in bee catching  to earn money.


After a while, Zack tried contacting Gary but to no avail!


Zack was furious and thought “where on earth was Will?” And how could he lure him back!


Find out how is the Seek Honey Function Work?

An idea dawned on him, where he decided to look for the nearest Merchant via the Seek Honey function to see which merchant nearby was giving out Honey, which translates to real cash given out by the merchant. Hence, he went to the nearest Brides Café!


Way to Increase Brand Presence

He explained his situation to the merchant and how his friend Gary is on the hunt for honey! And he also told the merchant if they gave out more honey it will help increase their brand presence on the app. The merchant thought it was not too bad an idea and agreed to give out honey to lure him back as well as to have a shot with online branding via GT Dollar App!


Within minutes, Gary came to the store only to realise it was a trap to lure the engrossed bee hunter back! And the merchant was satisfied as it was not just Gary who came to the shop but there were many other users who saw merchant giving out honey and decided to pop by the shop to redeem honey and found their products interesting and made a few purchases! A definite win-win!

Both Zack and Gary had a good laugh and left with a huge smile on their faces as they both had a fun time catching bee where they earned some cash that will help them with the dinner expenses later in the night with their dates!

More Details About GT Dollar.

GT Dollar App is now available on both Google Play and App Store!