March 14, 2019 marks the opening of GT Future Forum 2019. The forum will be co-hosted by Singapore GT Group, NASDAQ listed company Ideanomics.Inc, China Merchants Energy Shipping (Singapore), Asia Pacific Commercial Bank, Singapore listed company Nature’s Farm, Cambodian Company Biquan Pte Ltd, Thailand listed insurance company TSI Insurance. All co-hosts will launch a number of financial technology products in this forum.

At this forum, DICA consumption insurance jointly developed by GT Insurance and TSI Insurance will be grandly launched. DICA takes ‘consumption is investment’ as its core concept, and creates a new investment dividend assurance model to provide consumers with diversified high-return yet protected investment program. DICA will enter into strategic partnership with real estate companies, FMCG companies, gaming companies and commodity trading industries in this forum.

The second highlight of the forum is the development and application of blockchain and digital currency. GT Group issued their digital currency GTB in 2018 and is currently world’s second-largest digital currency, the first being Bitcoin, valued at $70 billion. GTB adheres to the physical assets and technical services of GT Group’s artificial intelligence section, payment section, insurance section, asset management section, smart city section, aviation section, etc., to develop and expand the areas of application for GTB. Being the world’s leading AI-driven Fintech solution provider, NASDAQ-listed company Ideanomics. Inc will provide comprehensive services for GTB in market value management, global compliance, and business development. On the other hand, as a traditional bank, Asia Pacific Commercial Bank will start the custody business for GTB, and announced that it will use GTB as the bank’s clearing currency in the future.

The third highlight of the forum comes from the discussion of the new sharing economy model. GT Group announced the launch of the ‘Sharing Aviation’ program——COFO, which means co-fly with ownership. The first batch will share ownership, share user benefits, and share profit of the company, based on the operation of 24 aircrafts of GT Airlines. The world’s first aviation sharing program is born.