PGTB Unlock Announcement


Dear participant of PGTB plan:

PGTB plan: After 180 working days, PGTB will be released and convert to GTB, the official launch date of PGTB is 2018-07-09.

PGTB release will be executed during 15th March to 15th April Singapore time, according to technical preparation. To ensure the safety of User’s digital crypto asset, please don’t use any other method to unlock your PGTB except official App[GTB Wallet].

Release amount: 1 PGTB => 1 GTB

As an authorized PGTB owner:

During 15th March to 15th April , Please use GTB Wallet, go to the PGTB page, click the unlock button, input specific personal information(like email, name, phone number .etc, if there is any issue with your release application, we will contact you, so please ensure submit the real information required), the quantity of PGTB to release, input your wallet password, and submit the application.

Because the number of users who want to unlock PGTB is huge, please wait patiently. We will review your application the next working day of submission, the expected time for approval will be 3-5 working days.

If you haven’t received corresponding quantity of GTB after five working days, please using the email(same with the email in application) send us the transaction information of PGTB, for example screenshot of transaction history, transaction hash, we will review it and check the abnormal status.

(NOTICE: the customer with special contract need to contact with our customer services immediately after you submit the application)