How to swap PGTB tokens for GTB tokens?


How to swap PGTB tokens for GTB tokens?

The swap of tokens from PGTB to GTB will begin from 15 March 2019 and will end on 15 April 2019, Singapore time UTC+8.

To protect your accounts, please refrain from using any unofficial tools/websites/exchange/APP to unlock or swap your tokens.

Please backup your private key before installing the GT Wallet version 1.8. This will allow you to restore your GT wallet in the new 1.8 version.

Current rate of exchange:

1PGTB is equivalent to 1GTB.

A handling fee of 0.02 GTB will be charged for each unlock session. You will receive your full and final GTB amount less our handling fee.

The PGTB unlock feature is available in the latest GT Wallet APP, version 1.8. Please make sure you have downloaded the latest version from the official APP store.

Click PGTB to access the asset details.

Click the ‘Unlock’ button on the top right corner. Complete the Know-Your-Client (KYC) page and click the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed.


A record of your PGTB token unlock will be generated in the system.

To view your PGTB token unlock history, simply click the ‘Unlock History’ button to view.