Where can UK students study for free?

28-04-2015 Biddulph High. Four overseas students are spending five months at Biddulph High School as part of a scheme organised by Study Abroad UK. They are all based in the school sixth form. Left to right, Jessie Hendren, aged 16, from California, Mariana Escobar, aged 17, from Colombia, Camila Sosa-Flores, aged 17, from Paraguay and Alice Lamont, aged 16, from Melbourne. I’m writing a lead on their placements for the education supplement. Reporter: Kathie McInnes. Category: Education supplement lead. Date: Tuesday, April 28. Time: 1.45pm. Address: Biddulph High, in Conway Road, Biddulph.

UK undergraduate students do not pay any tuition fees in 10 EU countries and Norway.

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